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Who we are

Alter Deco was established in 2013. It all started with a thought that our mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers all have this insight into things we don't, specifically creating things with their hands. Our role was to try to help them apply these talents and to give them something to do in their free time, perhaps even give them the chance to earn some money. All this through teaching the younger generation of the value of knowing how to knit, crochet, bobbin lace or sculpt.

This is why we created Alter Deco an enterprise that links two generations. 


How we work... 

Our project involves older people who create handmade crafts. And we on the other hand know what is favored.

Our manufacturers work from home and they decide which activities suit them and what they want to do. We then deliver them a contract and materials. They get paid for their work and those products include the name of the creator.

We focus on people over the age of 50. This is a deliberate choice, because age often makes it difficult for people to find a job, or even just a part-time job to support their hobby. We strive to motivate our manufacturers and allow them to develop their ideas and skills further. The main aim for this project to help them be financially self-sufficient, to promote local production, quality products and materials, and overall increase people's interest in what is happening in their surroundings.

All our products are good quality. Each product is an original. The website includes all our manufacturers, so if you’re craving a more personal look at a specific piece you can go find the portrait of it’s maker here. Part of the earnings go directly to them as an honorarium for their work and you can easily find who exactly your purchase supports.

We also often arrange opportunities for the manufacturer for which they also earn some small amount. During the Advent weekends in 2013 we arranged for our grandmother to take part in children’s story time in ERA Svet in Prague. In March 2014, we provided products for the benefit Hippies 2014, which was organized by Sisters in a skirt in cooperation and The Association of Parents and Friends of handicapped children in the Czech Republic. In October 2014 Ms. Padyšáková supported the newly opened Institute of crypto anarchy Paralelní Polis by sowing cushions for all the chairs in the building.

We continually want to create and expand the platform for older people, where they can obtain finances to support their hobbies. They also get to meet new people and gain an opportunity to further develop their skills. We're also preparing various sales, exhibitions and workshops for a broader audience, those including getting to meet our manufacturers.


We accept commissions... 

Products can be made according to your specifications. Whether it is a corporate promotional items, gift or perhaps a hat, sweater, bag or a child's toy we’ll make sure it suits your wishes.

We’re happy to accept your ideas and inspiration. Send us your drawing, design, inspirational clipping, or simply describe it and we will deliver the finished product.


Contact us by e-mail:


We look forward to collaborating with you.