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Mrs. Jaroslava Benešová

(* 1954 in Prague, lived all his life in Prague)

We met Ms Benešová at the fall Designsupermarket in 2014 and hit it off began collaborating immediately.

She studied Economics and Computer Science and has remained dedicated to this field so far. She has not retired yet but plans to sometime in the near future. She works in her brother’s business as an economist and plans to remain there for now.

Since she was a child she has enjoyed any work that requires using her hands. Her favourite is sewing for dolls, which she first did for herself and later her daughter. She was lucky, because her mother was a skilled seamstress and taught her all the "tricks" related to sewing and because she enjoys it so much she never had any problem sewing a costume or pants. Back in the day the variety of clothing was quite limited so she would create pieces for her friends, but today that is no longer needed.


About ten years ago she randomly tried patchwork and it has since become her favourite. She completed various courses, she attends trips for similarly “disabled" women and smiles saying it’s all very nice. She sews for joy and when the mood hits creates all kinds of bags, small things but also large quilts. She has always enjoyed knitting and crocheting and that has stayed with her except she doesn’t have anyone to crotchet for anymore.

“My closet has a long line of sweaters, my daughter does not want to have too much of anything, but I can’t just sit and do nothing. I think that I will really enjoy creating these things for Alter Deco. It’ll be fun and hopefully someone will like my creations,” she said.



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